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Best Debt Consolidation Service Opens Its Doors

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A new debt consolidation service called Best Debt Consolidation has started taking on clients in the UK. The new service is an online response to the massive surge in people seeking help with their finances, and in particular their borrowing, which is out of control for a significant percentage of households. The new service can write off 60 percent of personal debt immediately, under recent government laws.

London, U.K. November 1 2007.

Best Debt Consolidation has been created to meet the needs of the thousands of individuals and families in the UK who look for help with their finances every week. In many cases their borrowing is out of control. For some people, this is a culmination of years of borrowing against the rising value of their property, while their earnings have not kept pace with the demands of their repayment obligations.

Best Debt Consolidation seeks to offer clients three distinct things as part of its service. "There are plenty of other sources of debt advice out there," said CEO Jack Hart-Stevens, "and many have been established for quite a few years now. What we have to do is to offer something that they don't, which is an element of choice, backed up by a credit control system that will help them for years down the line and which is free to use.

"People want to be treated like intelligent adults. The debt help systems in place are still designed for the old days where horrendous debt was only experienced by a tiny minority. But today debt is more the norm, and we have to reflect that. We offer people choice. What we do not do is immediately offer people consolidation loans, because it's likely that this is what has got them into difficulties in the first place. We offer a managed debt consolidation plan, not another sub-prime loan."

Under government laws relating to personal insolvency, 60 percent of the debt could be written off immediately, sometimes more. Qualified insolvency practitioners will work out a client's income and expenditure and will arrive at a comfortable monthly figure split between all the creditors. "We can offer consolidation loans as well," said Hart-Stevens, "but only if the applicant can afford them."

"The relief people feel after they've been helped in this way is difficult to describe in words. The huge burden that they've lived with for many years is suddenly removed."

Best Debt Consolidation also offers a continuous automated service for ensuring that any credit cards used are kept at 0 APR for all their clients. This is a free service.

For more information, or to contact Best Debt Consolidation, visit their website in the first instance.

Contact: Best Debt Consolidation
Contact name: Jack Hart-Stevens
Company: Best Debt Consolidation
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telephone number: (+44) 0208 0485
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Here's the quick application form:

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Take a look at the Insolvency Service's leaflet called 'In Debt', downloadable here.

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