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We are proud of our independent service and the fact that we are not tied to any one provider of IVAs and financial advice. This means we can look around and get you the best solution and the best debt consolidation IVA for your own needs. By filling in the form below you will not be committing to any one source, therefore you are assured of the best possible deal.

That means the highest possible write-off ratio and the lowest repayments scenario for when you come to get your life back in control. It's up to you to do it today!

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We have the best solution to your debt consolidation needs. There are lots of advantages to using our services.


Not all people qualifies for an IVA; there are a number of constraints on who may apply. Normally people applying for one need to have a regular income which is verifiable and also a surplus monthly sum over and above household outgoings to service the repayments, but this needn't be a large amount by any means. People not qualifying for an IVA will probably be eligible for a similar debt management plan, so it is certainly worthwhile applying just to find out.

An IVA is a legally binding document and there are certain things that creditors must not attempt to do when the IVA is in place. This restriction includes, but is not limited to, not being allowed to phone you or send you letters, or to contact you in any way at all. If the creditor or his agent (i.e. a debt collector) attempts to contact you during this time they will be in breach of the insolvency laws and would be subject to punishment. All creditors must cease all letters and phone calls and must on no account attempt to intervene in the life of the client.

It's certainly the case that use of a best debt consolidation IVA may well help folk reorganise their lives and improve their overall sense of well being. It is a diligently crafted program devised to get people out of pressing financial difficulties and made law in the mid 1980s as part of measures to complement the then comparatively draconian individual insolvency rules that were in place largely since the previous century.

IVAs are normally set up to run over the course of a 5 year term, though it can be altered to match with personal requirements. North of the border, where these are referred to as Protected Trust Deeds, the span is normally three years but may be 4 or 5 years. By using both the Individual Voluntary Arrangement and also the trust deed the debtor client is protected from their creditors by the terms of the agreement and all debts are totally and utterly written off at the close of the term.

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