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By using our independent service you are not tying yourself down to any one source of financial advice. We have a large choice of sources so we can guarantee the best deal for you. You are guaranteed the best independent debt consolidation advice in the UK without the burden of further debt. This means an IVA, or Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

Complete the form below to get the highest write-off ratio and prepare for the lowest repayments for when you get your finances - and your life - back in control again.

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All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence and privacy is assured.


It is true that best debt consolidation uk may help folk reorganise their lives and improve things generally. It is a carefully worked out plan devised to get ordinary people out of financial difficulties and brought about as part of measures to complement the comparatively harsh insolvency laws which were in place.

By taking steps to look into best debt consolidation uk you are setting yourself on the road to personal financial security thereby efficiently ensuring a new life for yourself. Any choices made now will start this process.

IVAs are normally set to run over the course of a 5 year period, although this may be augmented to accommodate individual specifications. In Scotland, where such arrangements are referred to as Protected Trust Deeds, the period is usually three years but may be over 4 or 5 years. In both the IVA and the trust deed the client is protected from aggressive creditors by the insolvency laws and all debts are fully and absolutely discharged at the completion of the term (however long that may be).

Following recent changes in the law, Individual Voluntary Arrangements have brought a kinder way to deal with personal debt. An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is an easy alternative substitute to bankruptcy and has none of the shame or stigma attached. It's an excellent way to deal with insolvency or bad debt issues. Persuant to government rules, a well conducted IVA will write off sixty percent (occasionally more than that) of your personal debt immediately. Your keen interest in best debt consolidation uk would be well rewarded by the transformation in life enabled by its use.

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Take a look at the Insolvency Service's leaflet called 'In Debt', downloadable here.

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