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An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is a debt relief plan set up by the government to provide a solution to the problem of personal debt and to deal with the growing issue of individual insolvency. Our debt consolidation agency clients are licenced to give IVA advice on the basis that Individual voluntary arrangements are not one-size-fits-all solutions to any problem with money, as each person's situation is different.

The needs of one household can be vastly different from the needs of another person or household. Any debt advice given by a debt consolidation agency must reflect the uniqueness of the situation in which people live.

Generally an IVA will be set to run for five years and when this has finished all debt is cleared from a person's credit profile. During all this time none of the banks or debt collectors are permitted to harass the debtor. The IVA has the advantages of bankruptcy and none of the drawbacks.

An IVA writes off the larger part of your debt at the start of the programme (although be wary of the exaggerated claims made in some advertising: it is rarely much more than 60 or 65% of total unsecured debt which may be 'written off' in this way). All good IVA advice of this nature will make sure that you get the best results with the lowest repayment options together with the highest percentage of debt written off.

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We have a super-quick and highly professional debt consolidation service. A qualified and experienced Insolvency Practitioner will be personally assigned to you and you will get a elephone call back from him or her very quickly (or whenever you specify on the online form).

Why Apply To A Debt Consolidation Agency?


It's certainly true that the careful use of a debt consolidation agency can help people reorganise their lives and improve their overall sense of well being. It is a diligently structured plan devised to get ordinary people out of financial difficulties and made law by the government in 1986 as part of a series of measures to enhance the existing harsh bankruptcy laws that were in place.

Under recent government law, Individual Voluntary Arrangements have brought a much kinder way to deal with personal debt. An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is an acceptable alternative substitute to bankruptcy and carries none of the stigma. It's the best way to handle personal insolvency. Following the law, a properly conducted IVA will immediately write off sixty per cent (occasionally more) of your personal debt immediately. Your keen interest in a debt consolidation agency should be rewarded by the transformation enabled by its application.

IVAs are normally configured to run over a 5 year term, though sometimes it can be altered to fit with personal necessities. North of the border, where such arrangements are referred to as Protected Trust Deeds, the term is generally 36 months but in some instances may be four or five years. In both the IVA and also the trust deed the client is defended from aggressive creditors by the various insolvency laws and all debts are fully and utterly cleared at the completion of the span (however long that may be set).

The debt management plan will be carefully compiled by an insolvency practitioner (or I.P.) who is academically qualified and will have a practical working knowledge of a debt consolidation agency. All the unsecured debt and all the creditors will be taken into account together. Incomings and outgoings of the client will also be considered and a monthly balance sheet will be carefully compiled with the consent of both the client and the creditors. This will allow essential bills to be paid before any of the creditors are considered. The total capital debt can be decreased by as much as sixty percent or more, and any money left over is set aside to reduce any remaining debt in a painless and controlled way and on a greatly reduced basis than before.

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Take a look at the Insolvency Service's leaflet called 'In Debt', downloadable here.

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