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An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is a form of debt relief program set up by government to try to eliminate personal debt and to deal with the issue of personal insolvency. Our debt consolidation brokers clients are licenced to give IVA advice on the basis that IVAs can never be one-size-fits-all quick fixes to any money problem, as individual circumstances are so different.

The needs of one person may vary greatly from the needs of another person. Any debt consolidation brokers' advice given must reflect the diversity of the situation people find themselves in.

Normally an IVA will run for five years and when this completes all the debt is discharged from a person's credit history. During this time creditors are not permitted to harass the debtor. The IVA has all the benefits of bankruptcy while having none of the drawbacks.

An IVA writes off most of a person's debt at the beginning of the plan (although be wary of the claims made in some circles: it is seldom more than 60 or 65 percent of unsecured debt which can be 'written off' by this means). All good IVA advice of this nature given by debt consolidation brokers will make sure that you get the best results with the lowest repayments together with the highest percentage of debt write-off at the outset.

So complete the form for impartial IVA advice for your own personal circumstances.

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We have a super-quick and highly professional debt consolidation service. A qualified and experienced Insolvency Practitioner will be personally assigned to you and you will get a telephone call back from him or her very quickly (or whenever you specify on the online form).

If you use one of the many debt consolidation brokers in the UK to help sort out your financial problems then they may well help you with the use of an IVA. Applying for one is simple (just complete the form above). A qualified Insolvency Practitioner will draw up an IVA for you and it will be legally binding. At that point there will be no more nasty calls from creditors, notices of disconnection and politely worded warnings of legal procedures. As long as you have chosen your debt consolidation brokers wisely, all that will now be behind you at a very early stage.

The second main type of service that you should be able to get from debt consolidation brokers is reducing or even eliminating interest. Nowadays, interest rates can be the cause of financial ruin, so it is often the part interest rates have to play that is addressed sooner rather than later.

Reducing or shortening the pay-off time is the third type of service that one should ask about from a debt consolidation broker. Under certain jurisdictions there are fixed terms during which a complete debt, comprising a set of smaller debts, can be expected to be paid off completely. For example, in the U.K. it is five years under the terms of the new Individual Voluntary Agreement laws, after which the debt is written off completely, whether the true capital sum has been paid by this time or not. IVAs are often thought of as a painless alternative to personal bankruptcy because of this.

Lastly, and more of a summary of all these other services, debt consolidation companies can help you gain financial freedom. With massively reduced capital sums and interest rates, lower monthly payments and shortened pay-off time, you're given the luxury of having a stress free time to get on with your life and get things back on track.

The services that debt consolidation brokers offer do vary and so it's always up to you to choose what course of action is most appropriate. It is important that a professional is appointed for the job, a firm that offers all the aspects mentioned above. Your debt counselor is the person who can get you out of your present predicament; with their help you can steer your way back to normality. Isn't that better than just taking out another loan?

Now go back up to the application form and change your life today!


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Take a look at the Insolvency Service's leaflet called 'In Debt', downloadable here.

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