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An IVA is a form of debt management programme set up by H M Government to provide a solution to the problem of personal debt and deal generally with the growing issue of individual insolvency. We are an independent debt consolidation company are licenced to give Individual Voluntary Arrangement advice on the understanding that Individual voluntary arrangements are not one-size-fits-all fixes to any problem with money, as individual circumstances can vary so much.

The needs of one person can be vastly different from the needs of another person. Any advice given by a reputable debt consolidation company must reflect the uniqueness of the situation in which people find themselves.

A normal IVA will be set to run for 60 months and after this has completed all the debt is cleared from the credit record. During this time no creditors are permitted to contact the debtor in any way. The IVA has the advantages of bankruptcy and none of the disadvantages.

An IVA writes off most of your debt at the start of the programme (although beware of the claims made in some circles: it is rarely much more than 60 or 65 per cent of total unsecured debt which can be 'written off' in this way). Any good IVA advice will make sure you get the best results with the lowest repayments together with the highest proportion of debt written off.

So complete the form below for independent and impartial IVA advice for your own circumstances.

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We have a quick and highly professional debt consolidation service. A qualified and experienced Insolvency Practitioner will be assigned to you and you will get a telephone call back from him or her very quickly (or whenever you specify on the online form).

Debt Consolidation Company


By passing on your payment to the creditors, the debt consolidation company receives a rebate and you pay for this overall reduction in your debt. It is important to ask yourself if this isn’t the same thing you could do yourself, make your own negotiations for payment options and with a little research, you can learn which debt to pay off first. Many debt consolidation companies can also make late payments or even miss payments which in turn continues to add to the already bad credit score. So, if you do decide to go with a debt consolidation company, ask about their rates first, and see how much they can knock off your debt bill right at the start. Also, it doesn't hurt to ask around. Word of mouth is often the best source of information, much better than an ad in the Yellow Pages. Ask people if they can recommend a good debt consolidation company.

Let's take the subject of credit cards as a comparison. We all would love to be able to transfer the balance of our credit card to another one with a lower interest rate. What the credit card issuers are not telling you is that the lower interest rate only lasts a few months and then you pay the normal interest rate or often even higher once the opening offer is up. This forces you to switch cards yet again, which is okay as long as you remember to do it. Otherwise the charges are piled on again. Eventually, if you are not careful, you are trapped into credit card debt with high interest payments and even more debt than you would have incurred by leaving it as it was in the first place.

So it is with debt consolidation companies; they are not all created equal. So be careful when you sign up. Make sure they offer you choice and flexibility, and that their staff are all qualified insolvency practitioners, not just loan salesmen.

Now go back up to the application form and change your life today!


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Debt Consolidation Company


Take a look at the Insolvency Service's leaflet called 'In Debt', downloadable here.

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