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We have a super-quick and highly professional debt consolidation service. A qualified and experienced Insolvency Practitioner will be personally assigned to you and you will get a elephone call back from him or her very quickly (or whenever you specify on the online form).

Why Apply For A Debt Consolidation Plan?


By taking steps to look into a debt consolidation plan you're setting yourself on the track to personal security and so ensuring a new beginning. Any life choices made now will begin this transformation.

The debt management plan or IVA will be drawn up by an insolvency practitioner (or I.P.) who will be properly qualified in such matters (and who will normally be a member of an appropriate profession or similar background) and have a practical working knowledge of a debt consolidation plan. All of the debt and all the creditors will be considered. Income and expenses of the client will be looked at as well and a monthly or weekly balance sheet will be drafted with the consent of the client and also the creditors. Important household bills will be paid before the creditors. The total capital debt can be reduced by 60 per cent or more, and any income left over is set aside every month to service any remaining debt in a very painless and controlled way and on a greatly reduced basis.

Individual Voluntary Arrangements are normally designed to run over a sixty month term, though this can be adapted at the outset to match personal specifications. North of the border, where they are referred to as Protected Trust Deeds, the term is typically 3 years but in some instances may be over four or five years. In both the Individual Voluntary Arrangement and the Protected Trust Deed the debtor client is safeguarded from predatory creditors by the relevant insolvency laws and all debts are fully and absolutely written off at the end of the span (however long that may be set to run).

Not everybody is eligible for an IVA; there exist certain restraints on those who may apply. Usually those applying for one need to have a regular income which is verifiable giving them a surplus monthly sum over and above the necessary household outgoings in order to fund the repayments, though this need not be a huge amount. Those who do not qualify for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement will likely be eligible for a comparable debt settlement plan, so it is always worth applying just to see.

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Debt Consolidation Plans


Take a look at the Insolvency Service's leaflet called 'In Debt', downloadable here.

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