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Debt Management IVA Help: The Bigger Picture


Under recent government law, IVAs have been made possible. An IVA is an acceptable and easy alternative choice to bankruptcy and carries none of the stigma. It is the best way to handle personal insolvency. Under the law, a properly conducted IVA will write off up to 60 percent (occasionally more than that) of personal debt at a stroke. Your interest in debt management IVA help would be amply rewarded by the improvement in life brought about by it.

The IVA or debt management plan will be carefully compiled by an insolvency practitioner (or I.P.) who will be properly qualified and be very familiar with debt management IVA help. All the debt and the total number of creditors will be considered. Income and expenditure of the client will also be considered and a monthly or weekly expenses list will be compiled with the agreement of the client and the creditors. Important bills will be paid before any creditors. The total capital sum may be cut in this way by sixty per cent or more, and the excess income of the client is set aside every month to service any remaining debt in this structured way and on a much reduced basis than before.

IVAs or individual voluntary arrangements are normally set to run over a 60 month term, though it can be adapted to meet with individual specifications. In Scotland, where these are known as protected trust deeds, the span is generally three years but may be four or five years. In both the Individual voluntary arrangement and the protected trust deed the client is protected from aggressive creditors by the insolvency laws and their debts are totally and utterly removed at the end of the period (however long that may be set to run).

It is true that use of debt management IVA help can help people reorganise their lives. It is a carefully structured plan devised to help ordinary people out of pressing financial difficulties and brought about by the government in the 1980s to complement the existing relatively unforgiving bankruptcy laws which existed.



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