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Debt Management IVA Plan: The Bigger Picture


An Individual voluntary arrangement is a legal document and there are some things that the creditors must never attempt to do now the IVA has been drawn up. This restriction includes not being able to contact you by telephone or by letter, or to attempt to reach you at all. If the creditor or his one of his agents (i.e. a debt collecting company) even attempts to contact you during this time they will be in breach of the insolvency laws. All creditors (such as banks, credit card companies, etc.) must stop writing letters and making phone calls and should not seek to conflict upon the life of the debtor.

By making enquiries about a debt management IVA plan you're setting yourself on the track to probity and so efficiently ensuring a new life for yourself. Any choices made now will be the start of that process.

Following recent changes in the law, Individual voluntary arrangements have brought a kinder way to deal with personal debt. An Individual voluntary arrangement is an easy and acceptable alternative choice to going bankrupt and carries none of the stigma. It's the civilised way to deal with insolvency or bad debt issues. In accordance with the new law, a properly conducted IVA will immediately write off up to sixty per cent (sometimes more) of your personal debt immediately. Your interest in a debt management IVA plan would be rewarded by the improvement in quality of life brought about by its use.

Individual voluntary arrangements are normally designed to run for a sixty month term, although in some cases it may be adjusted to become acceptable to individual requirements. In Scotland, where these arrangements are referred to as trust deeds or protected trust deeds, the period is usually 3 years but may be over four or five years. With both the IVA and the protected trust deed the debtor client is protected from aggressive creditors by the insolvency laws and their debts are fully and utterly discharged at the close of the span.



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