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A debt reduction IVA is a form of debt relief plan set up by H. M. Government to eliminate personal debt and to deal with the issue of personal insolvency. Our clients are licenced to give IVA advice and do so on the basis that Individual voluntary arrangements are not designed to be one-size-fits-all cures to any problem with money, because each person's circumstances are different.

The needs of one household or one individual can be very different from the needs of the next. Any debt reduction IVA advice given must thus reflect the distinctiveness of the situation in which people live.

In general an Individual Voluntary Arrangement will run for five years (sometimes less) and after this has completed all the debts are cleared from a person's record. During all this time none of the creditors are permitted to harass or pursue the debtor. The debt reduction IVA carries with it all the benefits of bankruptcy while having none of the drawbacks.

An IVA writes off most of a person's debt at the beginning of the programme (although be wary of the claims made in some advertising: it is seldom more than 60 or 65% of total debt which can be 'written off' by this means). All good IVA advice of this sort will ensure you get the optimum results with the lowest monthly repayment options together with the highest proportion of debt written off.

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Debt Reduction IVA: The Bigger Picture


The debt reduction IVA will be carefully drafted by an insolvency practitioner (or IP as they are often known) who is academically qualified in such matters and will be very familiar with a debt reduction IVA. The whole of the debt and all of the creditors will be taken into account. Income and expenditure of the client will also be considered and a monthly or weekly expenses list will be drawn up with the consent of both the client and the creditors. This will allow essential bills to be paid before the creditors are considered. The total capital debt can be cut by as much as sixty percent or more, and any monies left over is used to service the remaining debt in this very structured way and on a considerably reduced basis.

Under recent laws ratified by H.M. Government, individual voluntary arrangements have been brought in. A debt reduction IVA is an acceptable and easy alternative choice to bankruptcy and has none of the shame or stigma attached. It's an excellent way to deal with insolvency or bad debt issues. Persuant to the new law, a properly conducted IVA will immediately write off 60 percent (sometimes more than that) of your debt at a stroke. Your keen interest in a debt reduction IVA would be well rewarded by the transformation in life quality brought about by its application.

individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) are normally configured to run for a 5 year span, although this can be changed to meet with personal necessities. North of the border, where these arrangements are known as protected trust deeds, the period is normally 3 years but in some instances may be over four or five years. In both the IVA and the protected trust deed the debtor client is safeguarded from aggressive creditors by the insolvency laws and all debts are fully and absolutely removed at the end of the period (however long that may be set to run).

An Individual voluntary arrangement is a legal document and there are things that creditors are forbidden by law to do now the individual voluntary arrangement is drawn up. This prohibition includes not being allowed to contact you by phone or by letter, or to contact you at all as long as this arrangement exists. If the creditor even attempts to contact you during this time they will be in breach of the IVA or debt management plan and could be punished. Creditors (such as banks, etc.) must cease all phone calls and letters and must on no account try to frustrate the business of the debtor client.



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