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An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is a debt relief program set up by the government to eliminate personal debt and to deal generally with the growing issue of individual insolvency. Our associates are licenced to give debt settlement IVA help on the basis of the fact that Individual voluntary arrangements are never one-size-fits-all solutions to any problem with money, as each individual situation is so different.

The needs of one person can vary greatly from the needs of another person or household. Any debt advice given must thus reflect the unique nature of the situation in which people live.

A normal Individual Voluntary Arrangement will be set to run for 60 months (sometimes less) and when this completes all the debts are cleared from the credit history. During the time of the IVA no banks or debt collectors are allowed to pursue or harass the debtor in any way. The IVA has all the advantages of bankruptcy and none of the disadvantages.

An instrument such as this will write off the larger part of your debt at the start of the plan (although be wary of the claims in some advertising: it is rarely much more than 60 or 65 per cent of unsecured debt which may be 'written off' in this way). All good debt settlement IVA help of this sort will make sure you get the best results with the lowest monthly repayment options together with the highest proportion of debt write-off at the outset.

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Debt Settlement IVA Help: The Bigger Picture


Under recent laws ratified by H.M. Government, individual voluntary arrangements have been made possible. An IVA is an easy alternative to going bankrupt and has none of the shame or stigma attached. It is the best way to handle personal insolvency. Under the new law, a well constituted IVA will immediately write off 60 per cent (sometimes more) of your personal debt immediately. Your keen interest in debt settlement IVA help should be amply rewarded by the transformation in quality of life brought about by it.

In enquiring about debt settlement IVA help you are putting yourself on the road to personal financial probity and so efficiently ensuring a new beginning. Choices made now will be the beginning of that process.

IVAs are normally configured to run for a sixty month term, although in some cases this can be adapted at the outset to fit individual needs. In Scotland, where they are called protected trust deeds, the period is typically 36 months but may be four or five years. By using both the IVA and also the trust deed the client is protected from creditors by the insolvency laws and their debts are completely and absolutely discharged at the completion of the term (however long that may be).

The plan will be carefully compiled by an insolvency practitioner (or IP as they are often known) who will be properly qualified (and who will normally be a member of an appropriate profession or similar background) and will have a good working knowledge of debt settlement IVA help. All the debt and all the creditors will be taken together. Income and expenditure will be considered as well and a monthly or weekly expenses list will be drafted with the consent of both the client and the creditors. The essential household bills will be paid before the creditors are considered. Total debt may be cut in this way by as much as 60 per cent or more, and any surplus income is used to service the debt in this very painless way and on a much reduced basis.



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