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An IVA is a debt management programme set up to eliminate personal debt and to deal generally with the growing issue of individual insolvency. Our associates are licenced to give advice and do so on the basis that IVAs were not designed to be one-size-fits-all remedies to any financial problem, because individual circumstances are different. An independent IVA quote will reflect these circumstances.

The needs of one household or one individual can be vastly different from the needs of another. Any debt advice given must thus reflect the distinctiveness of the situation people find themselves in.

Generally an IVA will run for sixty months (sometimes less) and when the term has finished all the debts are cleared from a person's credit profile. During all this time no banks are allowed to contact the debtor. The IVA has the advantages of bankruptcy and none of the drawbacks.

An instrument such as an independent IVA quote will write off most of your debt at the start of the programme (although beware of the exaggerated claims in some advertising: it is rarely more than 60 or 65 per cent of unsecured debt which may be 'written off' in this way). Any decent IVA advice of this sort will make sure you get the best results with the lowest repayments together with the highest percentage of debt written off at the outset.



Independent IVA Quote: The Bigger Picture


Following recent changes in the law, IVAs or individual voluntary arrangements have been brought in. An IVA is an acceptable alternative to bankruptcy and carries none of the stigma. It's an excellent way to deal with insolvency or bad debt issues. In accordance with the new law, a properly constituted IVA will write off up to 60 per cent (often more) of your debt at a stroke. Your keen interest in an independent IVA quote would be amply rewarded by the transformation in life quality brought about by its application.

By taking steps to look into getting an independent IVA quote you're putting yourself on the road to personal probity thereby effectively ensuring a new life for yourself. Choices made now will start this transformation.

It's certainly the case that getting an independent IVA quote may well help folk reorganise their lives. It is a carefully worked out plan to help ordinary people out of their financial difficulty and brought about and meant to ease the relatively draconian personal insolvency rules which were in place.



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