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An IVA is a debt management plan set up to provide a solution to personal debt and to deal with the growing issue of individual insolvency. We are licenced to give advice on the understanding that IVAs can never be one-size-fits-all solutions to any financial problem, as each individual situation is different. Making an IVA application today is your first step to ridding yourself of the trauma of debt forever.

In general an Individual Voluntary Arrangement will run for five years and when this completes all debt is cleared from the credit record. During all this time no banks are permitted to harass the debtor in any way. The IVA has all the advantages of bankruptcy and none of the disadvantages.

An instrument such as this writes off the bulk of your debt at the beginning of the plan (although beware of the claims in some advertising: it is rarely much more than 60 or 65% of total unsecured debt which can be 'written off'). All good IVA advice of this nature will make sure you get the best results with the lowest repayment options together with the highest proportion of debt written off at the outset.

So complete the IVA application form below for independent and impartial advice which is right for your own circumstances.

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IVA Application Form: The Bigger Picture


It's certainly the case that an IVA application may help people reorganise their lives. It is a carefully crafted program devised to get ordinary people out of pressing financial difficulties and made law as part of a series of measures to complement the existing relatively draconian personal insolvency laws which existed at that time.

According to a new law brought by the government, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) have brought a kinder way to deal with personal debt. An IVA is an acceptable and easy alternative to going bankrupt and has none of the shame or stigma attached. It's the civilised way to deal with insolvency or bad debt issues. In accordance with the law, a properly constituted IVA will immediately write off up to 60 percent (often more) of your debt immediately. Your keen interest in an IVA application should be rewarded by the transformation in quality of life enabled by its application.

Not everybody is suitable for an IVA; there are certain restrictions on who can apply. Generally people applying for one need a steady wage or salary which is verifiable and also a surplus monthly sum over and above regular household bills in order to fund the planned payments, though this need not be a large amount. People who do not qualify for an IVA application will almost certainly qualify for a similar debt settlement plan. For those who do, simply fill in the IVA application form above.



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